Welcome to Mermaid Hotels

Mermaid hotel is situated in the midpoint between the city of Cochin (Kochi) and the airport. While taking a trip in Kerala if a person is looking for a hotel that provides luxury experience to their customers then Mermaid Hotel is the right place. Well-designed bedrooms and top-notch services that too in a budget friendly price will make your expectation come to reality.

Mermaid hotel is built on the banks of the river Kaniyampuzha, near Vytila, Cochin. Its not only the location in which Mermaid Ribverside Hotel scores the most but also they have several other breathtaking aspects that makes the customers feel that they made the right choice of spending their money for staying. Such added facilities are some of the reasons for which people who are travelling for both leisure as well as business give their first priority to mermaid hotel.

Riverside Entertainment Facilities

Mermaid hotel is situated in a peaceful yet beautiful location, which provides amazing scenic beauty that nature has to provide. Loaded with greenery along the banks of the river creates a touch of cool and soothing breeze that blows away one’s mind while resting at the riverside pool area. Mermaid being a deluxe hotel knows how to impress their customers by providing them ultimate facilities. Angler’s Grill is strategically planned and designed alongside the bank of the river to host occasions and events such as parties, weddings, etc. The beautiful surrounding is a plus added bonus, which ads up and creates the decoration of the events even more breathtaking. In addition to that, tasty foods and drinks included in the buffet menu with huge number of choices create sparkles in these events.

Drive your own Dream

Mermaid Hotel provides ultimate experience to their customers as they get to see the true meaning of hospitality as well as well-designed rooms with additional facilities, all under one roof. Our hotel has 82 well-designed rooms in total. All the rooms are controlled with central air-cooling system and the temperature of all the rooms are maintained as per the outside weather. Such location, which has some of the most beautiful scenarios of the river and the surrounding nature, creates a jaw dropping impression among our guests. Good scenic beauty and hospitality experience in Mermaid Hotel makes our guest’s dream come true leaving some of the most wonderful memories in their heart.