Drunken Coconut Bar & Cafe

Drunken Coconut Bar & Cafe also known as DCBC presents to the discerning and busy Diner a unique combination of excellent Dining and Super Fast Service in MENU33.The recipes provided are specially designed for healthy, organic way which is less on calories. The food you order is crafted right in front of your eyes in the see-through kitchen of DCBC. Your order is served by caring and experienced waiters within 20 minutes time.

MENU 33 complimented with 3 other menus namely DCBC Highs, DCBC Softies and Mermaid Delights.
DCBC offers:

  • Nightly live music by Filipino Female band.
  • Wine list: - Our cellar offers to you Indian, French, Italian red & white wines.
  • Highs: - Exotic drinks & Classic cocktails.
  • Cachaca, Tequila, liquer, vermouth, shooters & flaming.
  • Soft Drinks: - aerated drinks fresh juices,smoothies and mocktails.
  • Snacks: - a quick snack and a chaser for the busybodies.
  • Salads: - an organic treat for the health conscious.
  • Sandwiches: - a sumptuous, tasty quick meal.
  • Sea Foods: - the day's catch from the queen of Arabian Sea.
  • Meat: - a lavish supply of proteins for your brain.
  • Egg: - Five great recipes of grandma.
  • Delights: - ice creams, pastries & cakes.
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