Sukha/Swedena Chikilsa (7 day package)
This treatment is aimed at rejuvenation, relaxation, health, fitness and beauty care.

No Treatment Procedure Benefits / Indications
01 UZICHIL Special Kerala type of massage done by two massage therapists using medicated warm oils Improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles and joints, provides good sleep, improves the skin texture and sheen and nourishes the nerves.
02 ELAKIZHI This is a process of massaging the body with heated cloth bags filled with fried medicinal leaves like ricinus, calatropis, tarmarind, etc. The massage is performed by three therapists. Stimulates the nerves and helps to reduce pain. This is done in cases of Rheumatism, arthritis, paralysis, sciatica, spondylosis and nervous disorders.
03 NAVARAKIZHI The body is massaged with linen bags filled with cooked Navara rice, frequently warming it in a mixture of decoction and milk. Performed by 3 therapists. It is a cardinal treatment for diseases affecting the nervous system. Indications are pain, rheumatism, emaciation of limbs, stroke, hypertension, sciatica, spondylosis,
04 PODIKIZHI A type of massage with cloth bags filled with herbal powder, which will be warmed frequently. Done by 3 people. Effective for inflammatory joint problems and primary stage of hemiplegia.
05 DHANYAMLADHARA Four people, using special pots pour a warm acidic herbal fluid (dhanyamlam) all over patient's body. Helps to reduce inflammation and pain in many cases and is a method of sweating without using oils. Done in cases of arthritis, stroke, rheumatism etc.
06 SIRIDHORA Literally transalates to pouring of medicinal liquids onto the forehead in a continuous stream. According to the type of liquid used, Sirodhara can be classified into three.
1. Thailadhara: Siridhara using medicated oils.
2. Thakradhara : Sirodhara using medicated buttermilk.
3. Ksheeradhara: Sirodhara using medicated cow milk.
Thailadhara is good for various types of nervous disorders like hemiplegia, and facial palsy . Thakradhara is good for various skin diseases, sleeplessness, stress and mental illness. Ksheeradhara is good for cooling of body biorhythms and curing insomnia.
07 SIROVASTHY Warm oils are kept inside a leather cap and placed on the forehead. Highly effective in cases of facial paralysis, headaches, spondylosis, hemiplegics, etc.
08 KADEEVASTHY Medicinal oils are placed on the affected parts (usually the lower back) inside a boundary made of some herbal pastes. Eliminates lower back pains and other spinal disorders. The same procedure when performed on the chest is calledUrovasthy.
09 THALAM Oils or pastes are applied on the middle of the head for the duration of an hour Helpful in alleviating insomnia, high blood pressure, stress and vatha predominant conditions.
10 LEPANAM Herbal pastes are applied over the affected parts. Usually done to reduce swelling, pain or inflammation of the joints. Also used to treat some skin diseases.
11 PICHU Cotton pieces soaked in warm medicated oils are applied consecutively to affected parts of the body. Effective pain relieving method for muscles and joints. It can be done on head also for some types of headaches and problem of sense organs
12 STEAM BATH The patient relaxes in an herbal steam bath, to eliminate toxins through sweating For all types of joint pains and obesity.
13 MUKHALEPAM An herbal face pack, mixed in with pure cow's milk and applied to the face for an hour This helps to remove wrinkles and black marks, improves the skin tone and imparts a special glow to face.
14 KSHEERADHOOMAM Involves steaming the patients face and neck with medicated milk steams An important and effective treatment in facial paralysis, diseases of the sense organs

Panchakarma treatments (14 day package)
These are performed at the Ayur Dharshan Clinic and aimed at treating specific illnesses.
In addition to some of the above-mentioned therapeutic massages and baths, the procedures below are also performed to enhance remedial treatments.

No Treatment Procedure Benefits / Indications
01 VAMANAM Medicinally induced vomiting to enable the cleansing process for the upper respiratory tract and digestive tract. Effective in kapha disorders and some skin diseases like leukodermia
02 VIRECHANAM Medicinally induced purgation to cleanse out the lower digestive tract Assists in relieving almost all kinds of skin diseases and chronic rheumatic problems
03 NASYAM It involves the administration of medicines through the nose in the form of drops or powders Highly effective for all kinds of headaches, Paralysis, depression, stress, pain around the neck and shoulders eye diseases etc.
04 SNEHAVASTHY Medicated oil mixed with some herbal paste and salt and administered through the anus. The quantity of material will be decided based on the patient's constitution and the associated ailment Beneficial in chronic nervous disorders, joint problems and skin diseases.
05 KASHAYAVASTHY Enema done with a mixture of honey, salt, herbal paste, herbal decoction and medicated oils. This is generally followed by one or two Snehavasthys, based on the health of the patient. Combinations of Snehe and kashaya vasthys are helpful in healing chronic rheumatic problems, urinary stones, nervous disorders and some gynecological problems.